Meeting a real commando

I break to swim at our university sports centre few times a week and I have observed a middle-aged adult male who comes almost every day and is a real proficient swimmer. So today I saw him in the sauna after swimming session and he set about speaking to me, feeding me tips on how to swim better. He had noticed me several times struggling with my techniques. I began listening to him as I want to improve, but at the same time I was questioning how come this guy is talking with so much confidence about the different swimming techniques. So I asked him about his background and what he told me really made my day. He is an ex Iranian commando who used to teach soldiers in the Iranian army on how to combat in water. He left Iran after the war and settled in the UK.

I could see that he is coming from such a background because in his every sentence he said be brave don’t panic. If you are at sea and a shark comes then let it come don’t get afraid it’s just a shark and it is supposed to stay in the water. Just keep your body relaxed in the water and let the water do its job. I really enjoyed talking to him.