Open access vs Subscription based publishing: where is the true cost of Science??

Recently read quite a few articles about how the scientific publishing industry performs. Whether we should go for traditional subscription based publishers or opt for free open access journals. In my views I seriously believe that if my project is supported by a government grant which comes from public money then the work which I do in my lab should be available to the public for free. In the traditional setting government pays for research and then it pays to get the paper published in one of the subscription based journals and then it again pays to get the access to them, it’s so ridiculous. Not only that, the other people in the community also have to pay to get access to it, why is it not like one person pays the price and then it is available to everyone for free, after all the whole point of public funded research is to add value to the community, solve problems and make things better.

And as universities are stressing more and more on public engagement in science it is more important for the scientific literature to be readily available to the public. The common people should know what we are up to and how it can affect them. It will not only help the layman to appreciate our work but also it will help to keep an eye on the ethical issues which public might raise.

For more info read the article published in Nature recently

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