Conversation with a friend

Friend: Rohit why is my life so messed up? Why it can’t be like a normal person?
Me: What do you mean like a normal person?
Friend: Why I can’t live like my friend X? She has a boyfriend who loves her, her career seems to be sorted and she always seems to be happy. Where as what all I can see in my life are scars all over the place.
Me: Hmm … can you tell me when you look at a soldier what actually defines his strength? Is it his muscular body, or the number of medals he won, or the rank he is at?
Friend : Dunno
Me: It is his scars, which actually speak about his strength. They tell the story of his bravery in the battlefield, they say that he went out in the war and fought for his cause. So if you can see a lot of scars in your life, then it doesn’t mean that you have messed up all the time. It tells you that you were actually out there in the real world out of your comfort zone. Those scars are the experience which can help you to shape your future and those scars can be healing words for those who are going through similar situations.