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Program: B.Sc.(H) Microbiology 4th semester (Jan-June)
Course: Applications of Bioinformatics
Course code: CBBI-501
Credit: 2(1-0-1)
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Program: B.Tech. Biotechnology 5th semester (July-Dec)
Course: Concepts of Bioinformatics
Course code: CBBI-502
Credit: 3(2-0-2)
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Program: B.Tech. Biotechnology 7th semester (July-Dec)
Course: Structural Bioinformatics
Course code: CBBI-601
Credit: 2(1-0-1)
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Program: M.Tech. Bioinformatics 1st semester (July-Dec)
Course: Fundamental of Bioinformatics & Information
Course code: CBBI-701
Credit: 3(2-0-2)
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Program: M.Tech. Bioinformatics 3rd semester (July-Dec)
Course: Computer aided drug designing
Course code: CBBI-803
Credit: 3(2-0-2)
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  1. It was a very nice session of class,different from other classes.
    It was quite innovative and interactive.
    In a bigger picture,I learnt a lot in that span of time.

    • Hi Apoorva,

      I am afraid that your subscription request didn’t go through properly. I checked the members list and I couldn’t see your email or anyone else in it. Can you please try doing it again or come to see me and we can do it together and see if there is any problem in my server.



  2. Hiee Sir
    this is Monika Gubrele.
    i hope i subscribed well.
    i am still not confirmed that my subscription is done.
    Sir we all enjoy being studied by you…

    • Hi Monika,

      Thanks for appreciating.

      I have added your email “monika.gubrele@gmail.com” to the 5th semester mailing list. Now you should be receiving all the future emails. I sent an email to the list before you contacted me so please contact your friends who were already on the list and get that email forwarded to yourself.


  3. Hello sir,
    I tried subscribing several times but I didn’t got the confirmation email.
    Please check for the error.

    • Hi Archana,

      I do not know why it happened. However, I have added your email “archanapandey1994@gmail.com” to the mailing list from my end. You should be receiving all future emails.


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