Train journey to Edinburgh 2014

I am writing this post while on a train journey to Edinburgh from Birmingham using my mobile phone. I always thought that its only in India that people have  food once they get on the train. Never before, even if they probably can and surely can’t wait to reach the destination. But it seems its the same in UK as well.  Ever since I am on the train people are constantly eating. It was ok till people were only eating but interestingly as the evening is approaching, alcohol bottles and beer cans are opened. There is a group of middle aged guys who not only have the booze to make the whole train drunk but also have the lime and lemon slices to add the flavour. It seems like that its a general tendency of people to feel hungry once they are on the train. And thirsty as well if you’re in UK ;).


I managed to take a picture of the glasses infront of me 🙂

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